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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

​At Capital we offer a commercial carpet and upholstery service that is carried out by fully trained technicians using the highest quality carpet cleaning equipment and products.

Carpets play an important role in maintaining a healthy and presentable office environment to your staff and visitors. Carpeting acts as a filter, collecting and absorbing airborne pollutants such as allergens, pollen and dust mites, particularly in areas with heavy footfall. If these filters become saturated, the surplus pollutants and allergens may rise into the air, resulting in an unhealthy indoor environment for you and your staff. In addition, a build-up of bacteria, soil and grit is a major cause of carpet wear and tear.

A scheduled care and maintenance programme of regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning will ensure your carpets remain functional and aesthetically pleasing for longer.

Vacuuming is included as part of our daily cleaning service, however many of our clients take advantage of our additional skills in carpet maintenance and book a regular carpet and upholstery clean with us.

Service Delivery:

  • We use high grade, professional commercial carpet cleaning products and equipment endorsed and accredited by the industry

  • We cause minimal disruption to your business operation

  • We use a Texatherm carpet cleaning process which is completely non-toxic for the office environment

  • Faster drying carpets, fabrics and upholstery

  • We are experienced in fabric care

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