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Commercial Window Cleaning Service

Window cleaning is not a simple task. It can involve our cleaners scaling to great heights, which means a great deal of planning and support from all of the teams. We offer commercial window cleaning services to a whole range of clients, both large and small, and we’re always super excited to get on board with a new project.

Reach & Wash System: Our reach and wash system uses telescopic poles and a water pump system. This means we can access the most difficult of places with relative ease. This system enables us to offer excellent results at very cost-effective prices, which is perfect for office window cleaning in cities and towns.

Reach & Wash systems has become an extremely safe method of window cleaning and is fully compliant with current commercial Health & Safety guidelines, especially since it can be operated from the ground, eliminating the need for ladders or cherry pickers. The system can reach up to 60 feet, which is about 6 storeys, enabling our staff to access the most awkward of places. The system can also be used for other surfaces such as facades, glass roofs, signs and panelling and cladding. All Capital staff are fully trained in using the reach and wash system, giving you total peace of mind.

Window Cleaner
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