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Logistics & Distribution Sector

​Capital understand the importance of distribution within the retail supply chain. This industry demands a special level of service and the highest standards of hygiene. Having worked with many of the large distributors and retailers across the UK and Ireland, we can offer an expert service which delivers value for money. With many of our team trained not only in providing a high-quality cleaning service


for industrial, manufacturing and logistical sites, we understand how every day can be different, dependent on output demands. This can present challenges and the need for flexibility – we are here to help you to deliver it.

Our experience spans the whole distribution network in both food and non-food items and we fully understand the specific needs of this demanding environment. We can provide you with 24/7 cleaning services tailor-made to suit your schedules and requirements.

Our cleaning and environmental support services are cost effective, high quality, trackable and reliable. We have proven experience in:

  • Logistics and distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Gas production plants

Our team are committed to the compliance process, particularly around Health and Safety. We have worked closely with customers to dovetail our Management reporting into that of the customers’ management information systems.

Image by Hannes Egler
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