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Disinfection & Sanitation Service

One of the benefits of this fantastic and highly effective cleaning system is the speed and effectiveness it offers in the removal of germs and viruses. It offers peace of mind to you and your colleagues that your premises are germ-free and safe.

What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic is a method of incorporating an electrical charge into a liquid. The benefit of this is that when the liquid is electrically charged, when sprayed the droplets become positively charged, which means they can stick to any type of surface. This is unlike traditional cleaning when often you are just moving the dirt and germs around. Electrostatic disinfection removes them entirely. Following Coulomb’s law, electrostatic attraction between two forces is directly proportional to the magnitude of the charge exerted on it. In other words, electrostatically charging a liquid enables it to adhere when sprayed on surfaces.


Using Electrostatic Spray technology, we spray any water based liquid at a surface, the droplets seek out the object magnetically. They then stick to the surface better than ever before. This unique technology enables us to electrically charge the inside of the droplet instead of attaching it to the outside, maximising the charge.

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