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Waste Management Service

​Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, all businesses are required by law to dispose of their waste appropriately. Businesses producing all forms of commercial and industrial waste are subject to a ‘Duty of Care’, meaning they are obliged by law to take all reasonable steps to look after any waste and prevent its escape or illegal disposal by others. Incorrect disposal of waste poses a hazard to the environment and can be dangerous. CCS and our service partner can ensure that your commercial waste is disposed of in a responsible manner, taking this burden off your hands. We have access to a wide and varied range of service providers and our dedicated team of Account Managers are able to discuss your requirements with you in addition to ensuring you have a comprehension waste management proposition.

Capital are very proud of our environmental policy and take great care to handle and dispose of waste in a safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly mannerWe can supply a full range of office recycling bins. As part of our monthly report, we can produce detailed stats on how your recycling program is going, along with landfill 'avoidance' figures. We will work with you to change your waste costs into revenue streams and help you to play your part in protecting the environment.

Waste Management
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