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Here are our Q2 2023 GEM Awards. 

Alison Offerdal - Operations Manager
Award for - positive staff feedback
Nominations came from our staff who filled in our internal survey. Since Alison's promotion to Operations Manager, she really has flourished. She has welcomed this responsibility with open arms, helping to manage the team in a very productive and positive way!

Debora Teixeira - Account Manager for Edinburgh
Award for - positive client feedback
Debora has been very busy with many new contracts starting in the city & she has done an excellent job. This hasn't gone unnoticed; Debora has been the topic of various positive client reviews this quarter.

When our staff go the extra mile and receive this type of praise from either the client or staff, it is only right to reward them! We are very fortunate to have such devoted talents on board. Well done Alison & Debora, you are both such valuable members of the Capital team! 


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