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August 01, 2020

Another week and more soft service contract wins for Capital.


A state of the art call centre in the heart of Glasgow was deep cleaned yesterday by Capital, ready for the new daily commercial cleaning and support services contract commencing on Monday 3rd Aug.


What was accomplished?

  • Full carpet clean using our Texatherm cleaning system.

  • 100+ office chairs deep cleaned using the same system and tools.

  • 0ver 400+ VDUs /Keyboards/Phones and other IT equipment sanitised and cleaned.

  • Toilets and kitchen deep cleaned and sanitised.


Why go through all this process before the contract start-up?

  • Anti-bacterial treatment to all the "human touch" surfaces for extra protection and reduce sick time taken by your staff.

  • Raise staff morale. It's so much nicer to use clean facilities and IT equipment and workstations. Happy staff tend to work harder and increase productivity.

  • Help to extend the life of your building fabric and computer equipment. People treat new, or what appear to be new computers, better. Removing dust and dirt can help to guard against system failure.

  • Allows the new cleaning operatives to come into the facility on Monday with a keen desire to maintain the cleanliness of the new facilities.

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