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We’re excited to announce that Capital Cleaning Service and Glana Ltd are working together to offer the new Axiene Clean Touch System.

The Axiene hygienic handle safeguards against infection spread by providing continual active disinfection, protecting both the touch surface and hand. Axiene uses a bespoke disinfectant more efficiently, to rapidly kill coronavirus, norovirus, E-Coli, etc, providing improved hygiene whilst also improving sustainability. You can purchase Axiene through Capital Cleaning Service, who will supply, install and maintain the system at your premises.


Both Directors have expressed their delight in forming this new partnership. Moreland McDiarmid, Director at Capital Cleaning Service, commented;

“This natural bolt on product, sits nicely within the range of services we already offer to our clients. We’ve installed the Axiene Clean Touch System in our own office for the last few months and are delighted with the results. The product has definitely created a positive impression within the office. We are really looking forward to developing this partnership and making high touch surfaces safer for our customers”,


and Ian Graham, Director at Glana Ltd said;

“We are really thrilled to be working with Moreland and the forward-thinking team at Capital. The Axiene system provides world leading & innovative protection and we’re excited to help Capital reduce infection risk and improve sustainability across all sectors and for all users.”

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